Our Story

In 1847 a young law clerk devised a system of keeping track of every recorded instrument and legal proceeding affecting real estate titles. This saved attorneys the laborious task of searching official records in connection with transfers of real property.  It was a valuable service.  As the city grew, abstract indices started to establish and in 1863 the foundation of Chicago Title and Trust Company was founded.

The Great Chicago Fire in October 1871 destroyed the official Cook County real estate records stored in the office. When the fire spread and consumed the public buildings and records, companies snatched their records from the inferno.

Our corporate symbol is inspired by the age-old aphorism “A man’s home in his castle.” For just as medieval castles survive to this day, the men and women of Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada deliver the kind of protection that your clients’ real estate investments will endure for many years to come.

Our Brand

A Symbol of Protection

Our corporate symbol is inspired by that age-old aphorism, “A man’s home is his castle.” For just as medieval castles survive to this day, the men and women of Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada deliver the kind of protection that your clients’ real estate investments will endure for many years to come.


Leadership Team

  • Thank you very much Ann-Marie. I am a real estate lawyer and Chicago Title is my first choice for title insurance. Now I can recommend Chicago Title to clients based on first hand experience as an insured policy holder.
    Mr. Sakinofsky
    Barrister & Solicitor
  • In addition I need to take this moment to say that although Shelley and I have endured, to this point, the most disastrous home ownership experience one could imagine, your company has turned out to be our emergency parachute.
    If not for our title insurance policy we would undoubtedly have been left with the untenable task and expense of pursuing a law suit across international borders against the previous homeowners.
    Yourself as well as all of the other consummate professionals that have toiled on our behalf have earned our most sincere gratitude.
    Mr. and Ms. Schell
  • I found your web site very easy to navigate thru, and easy to submit a claim. You were very helpful, and I thoroughly the process was very easy with all your help.
    Thank you once again for all your great help on that matter.
    Cody Klepper
  • Thank you very much for the prompt response to my fencing permit issue. The money arrived prior to me paying the company, much appreciated.
    Andrew Parker
  • Thank you for the timely processing of the permit fee reimbursements. Being this is our primary residence and living through this process as difficult as it is, is certainly made more manageable by your expedient handling of this matter.
    Pete and Shelley Schell
    Hilton Beach, Ontario
  • Chicago Title insured a large mortgage secured by commercial condominium units for an important client of our firm. Unfortunately, as a result of fraud, the Borrower went into receivership. During the receivership, a number of priority disputes arose, including the condominium corporation asserting a claim to priority over the insured mortgage for $1.24M of common element arrears despite the fact that the status certificate at closing showed no arrears owing.
    Chicago Title was put on notice of the potential claim as soon as the priority disputes arose. Upon being out on notice, Chicago Title was responsive and confirmed coverage very quickly. Chicago Title was very supportive of our client's efforts to obtain an Order from the Court to defeat the priority claims and to ensure that the priority of our client's mortgage was protected.
    While no one ever wants to have an insurance claim, Chicago Title dealt with this difficult situation promptly and professionally and provided the necessary support to obtain a great result for our client. I would happily recommend Chicago Title for that reason.
    Irving Marks, Managing Partner
    Robins Appleby LLP, Toronto, Ontario
  • I recommend Chicago Title to all my clients because of their value, exceptional service and excellent customer service.
    Katherine Wong
    Barrister & Solicitor
  • Chicago Title Insurance is great and reliable. I am so happy that I had the pleasure to use this company as they were able to help me consistently. They are amazing at their job and they know what they are talking about. Thanks Chicago Title Insurance for having such great service. Keep up the great work!
    Anjna Kakkar
  • Chicago Title’s claims department is wonderful to work with; specifically, Ann-Marie Peart. She is very thorough and pleasant.
    Our claims are always resolved in a timely fashion and our clients are happy with the quick results. I enjoy working with Chicago Title and their claims department.
    Allison Soloman
    Yachetti, Lanza & Restivo LLP, Hamilton, Ontario
  • The claims process at Chicago was clear, direct and easy to use. Response time is superb and the claims process is easy to understand.
    Robert Dowhan, B.A., LL.B.
    Smith Valeriote Law Firm LLP, Guelph, Ontario
  • As a real estate lawyer for eleven years, it is calming to know that there is a title company who is interested in protecting counsel and will be there when needed. I have been incredibly satisfied with Sarah McDonald and Chicago Title. Sarah’s personal touch, consistent communication with our office, and occasional visits for lunch place her by leaps and bounds (or should I say metes and bounds?... sorry, bad real estate pun) ahead of the competition. She is a credit to her company and we are grateful to be a client of Chicago Title. As a final note, I should also mention that what is most important for a real estate lawyer when there is a “down to the wire” closing is prompt communication from the title company. On the rare occasion when something comes up, our client representative can find an answer from Chicago’s counsel within hours. This is incredibly important to us, and having used other title companies I can say that it is an attribute that the other companies are sorely lacking. We are very happy with the service that we receive from Chicago Title.
    Yigal Rifkind
    Yigal Rifkind, Barrister & Solicitor
  • My background isn’t real estate law so when I started here this new system of having to order title insurance was both frustrating and intimidating to me.
    With real estate we have primarily 3 Title Insurance Companies we can use. I attended a seminar with one of these companies and I still find Chicago to be the best to use.
    Chicago makes it easy to use their service. They do not overwhelm people with unnecessary questions, they make the questions simple and easy to understand and easy to find the answers. Anytime I have had a problem or question it was answers for me within a very reasonable time frame.
    The people who work at Chicago has always been wonderful to deal with and they go out of their way to resolve any issue I may have. Even if they are unable to provide a solution they always know where to direct me so that I can get the resolution I need.
    I think Chicago Title Insurance is by far better than any other title insurance company I have used.
    Peter Miller
    Peter Miller Law
  • I am very impressed with my CTIC Director’s level of service and responsiveness
    Victor Hussein
    Victor Hussein Law
  • I am legal professional and order title insurance policies on regular basis from Chicago Title Insurance Co. I find their rates very competitive and reasonable.  Their service is excellent and I get policies issued  on time even on short notice from Isebastiano & Malvin Singh.  Customer service is excellent especially I would appreciate Mr.Jeff Hartigan, Regional Manager, who is always helpful and would often enquire from me  regarding any issues or problems in getting issued policies.  I am very satisfied with regard to service provided by Chicago Title Insurance Co.
    Jit Khassria
    Khassria Law Office
  • Chicago Title provides an exceptionally rapid ordering service and dedicated professionals who solve problems quickly and efficiently.
    Darlene Ridge
    Alison Lester
  • Chicago Titles ordering process is easy and quick and the policies are a great value for our clients. The response time from the underwriters are fast and make my closings a smooth process.
    Christine Ebel
    Mutungi Law
  • We have found Chicago Title easy to deal with. Their representatives give a personal touch with an interest in our firm.  Inquires have been quickly dealt with, as well as claims. Highly recommended.
    Paul Smith
    Paul M.G. Smith Q.C. Professsional Corporation
  • NO QUESTIONS, NO COMPLAINTS!! I just wanted to tell you that you folks are THE BEST!I was in a panic to get title insurance for a quick closing, and you were lightening quick! Thank you so much!